Life Experience

It’s Ok To Just Be

You don't need to be busy. You don't need to be stressed. Or anxious. You don't need to prove yourself. Or justify your existence. You don't need validation. Or affirmation. It's ok to just be. You can be happy. You can be calm. You can be joyful. It's ok to just be. You can play.… Continue reading It’s Ok To Just Be

Growth, Self-Care

Living In Alignment

Do you know that feeling you get when you are acting from a place of complete alignment? I physically feel it in my heart - it's a warm sensation, as if I'm wrapped in an internal hug. Good things happen to me when I'm in this place - opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere,… Continue reading Living In Alignment


My Self-Care Awakening

I’m going to share how I practice self care, and it’s practice, not do, because it’s an ever evolving process! But I’m going to share what works for me because I really feel that we do not do enough of this for ourselves, and that if we did it would make a huge difference to… Continue reading My Self-Care Awakening