Life Experience

Breaking Free

For the longest time, I was unfaithful. To boyfriends/friends/partners/lovers – but mainly, to myself. I used and abused my own body. And not even for pleasure, but for power. I measured my worth in my appearance, and valued myself through other people’s eyes.

I would feel the seductive power of the male gaze, and immediately feel the need to harness it in some way – to take control and know that I held the power in this dynamic. Pleasure didn’t really play a part – and neither did I have any real sense of self-worth – I was simply addicted to being in control, and I would do anything to have it. Continue reading “Breaking Free”


My Self-Care Awakening

I’m going to share how I practice self care, and it’s practice, not do, because it’s an ever evolving process! But I’m going to share what works for me because I really feel that we do not do enough of this for ourselves, and that if we did it would make a huge difference to us and to the world. As the old saying goes — you need to put your own life jacket on before you attend to anyone else, but far too often we run around putting life jackets on other people, and wonder why we’re the ones drowning.

My self-care awakening began back in the summer of 2015, at a time when I was drowning so much that I realised I needed to start taking better care of myself. This is my story. Continue reading “My Self-Care Awakening”