Life Experience

Fun First

It feels controversial to say it, almost sacrilegious even, but why not have fun first? Not after you’ve “earned” it. Not after you’ve finished your never-ending To Do list. Not after you’ve worked so hard for so long that you’ve forgotten what fun even looks or feels like. Why not start with fun? Today, I… Continue reading Fun First

Life Experience

Balancing Head & Heart

“I’ll just finish this one task, and then I’ll do something fun…” “I’ll just get this To Do list cleared, and then I’ll put myself first…” “I’ll just keep pushing down my heart needs while I focus on my head…” Do you ever struggle with that battle of the things you know you have to… Continue reading Balancing Head & Heart

Life Experience

Whose Voice Is That?

That nasty voice – that mean voice – the one that tells you you’re not good enough. The one that says you don’t deserve to be happy or to have all the things you say you want. Whose voice is that? I so want it to be someone else’s. Then I would just need to… Continue reading Whose Voice Is That?

Life Experience

Breaking Free

For the longest time, I was unfaithful. To boyfriends/friends/partners/lovers – but mainly, to myself. I used and abused my own body. And not even for pleasure, but for power. I measured my worth in my appearance, and valued myself through other people’s eyes. I would feel the seductive power of the male gaze, and immediately… Continue reading Breaking Free


My Self-Care Awakening

I’m going to share how I practice self care, and it’s practice, not do, because it’s an ever evolving process! But I’m going to share what works for me because I really feel that we do not do enough of this for ourselves, and that if we did it would make a huge difference to… Continue reading My Self-Care Awakening