Living In Alignment

Do you know that feeling you get when you are acting from a place of complete alignment? I physically feel it in my heart – it’s a warm sensation, as if I’m wrapped in an internal hug. Good things happen to me when I’m in this place – opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere, connections deepen, and conversations open – it’s a fertile place for creativity and growth. I call it my ‘heart place’. 

You may experience it in a different way – perhaps it’s the green light you get when you approach a traffic light, or the phone call from a friend just when you were thinking about them. Perhaps you don’t even notice it, or dismiss it as a coincidence, or a stroke of good luck?

I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe we make our own luck. I believe that when we are in this place of alignment that good things happen to us, so it’s in our best interests to be in this place as often as possible.

What would you say if I were to tell you that you could create this feeling whenever you want? That you could go to your own ‘heart place’ any time you felt you needed it?

There are so many ways to describe this feeling, and many ways to get there, but this is what I’ve learned works best for me:

1. Know Yourself

Put pen to paper, or start recording notes on your phone – voice/text, whatever works for you, and that’s the key. You need to learn what works for you. When do you feel the slightest sense of being in a place of ‘good luck’, or good fortune? What are the activities you do, whether regularly or rarely, that bring out this side of you? Some of these may be similar to other people, such as practicing yoga, or having a massage, that generally leaves us all feeling better. But there will be some that are unique to you, from pottery to potholing, or knitting to netball – what brings the best out in you?

I invite you to come up with 30. It’s not that hard, I promise. Start with 5, and then keep adding until you can’t think of any more. Then go back after a few days when more have occurred to you in the meantime. It’s a never ending process, and you get to update it as many times as you want. Just stay curious about what you do that helps you feel this way, proudly add it to your list, and then do it as many times as you want!

2. Listen To Yourself

Make time to meditate. Every day. I cannot emphasise this enough. There is so much noise going on around us every day that we need to consciously choose to make time to sit in silence. It’s only when we do this regularly do we find ourselves truly able to connect with ourselves, and listen to our own intuition. It is this inner sense of knowing that will guide us to the activities we know and love to bring ourselves alive, so these steps work together hand in hand. The more you know yourself, the better you’ll be able to listen to yourself, and vice versa. The combination of journaling and meditation helps us to understand what’s happening beneath the surface – what’s the thing behind the thing? What are we really worried about, and actually holding ourself back from? By listening we can learn the difference between fear, anxiety, and our wise intuition.

I invite you to start meditating every day for 30 days – whether you go to a meditation class, or set a timer for 5 minutes, or use – find a way that works for you to listen to yourself everyday and truly connect with yourself.

3. Trust Yourself

Take action. Coming from that place of warm inspiration, buoyed by the confidence of being able to hear and understand our inner selves, we are now able to move forwards – to take inspired action to a more aligned life. When we act from this place of inner wisdom, we literally cannot go wrong. Every step we take is one towards a more authentic place of connection with ourselves. So even when we find ourselves struggling, we know this is simply part of the journey that will eventually work itself out. And when we find ourselves feeling lost or anxious, we know how to bring ourselves back to that positive place by doing any or all of the activities we know work best for us. So you can truly trust yourself, knowing you always have something solid to come back to.

What small step could you take today that would bring you to a more aligned state? This small step will help you to connect to that ‘heart place’, creating good fortune for yourself wherever you go. Why not choose to take that step today and live in full alignment?

If you’d like some help with taking this first small step, get in touch with me today to book a free 30 minute coaching call, and let’s see how much more aligned your life could be: Click Here to Book A Call

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  1. This is a lovely read and love the practical tips!

    Well done for putting it on SK and sending it from there. Your PR mentions look good…..Stylist and Pool next. xxxx


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