Hello there…

I’m Siobhán Kangataran, and I’m a facilitatorwritercoach, speaker and the founder of ToGetHer Further, where women help women to get further together. I’m on a mission to help women design working lives that work for them, because I know how painful it can be to be stuck in the wrong job, and I want to help women to set themselves free. 

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About Me:

I am half-Irish, half-Indian, born in Malaysia but raised in Ireland, and moved to London in 2010 after I finished my Masters in Law. Somehow I ended up in an intense role on a prestigious property development in London, feeling completely overwhelmed and anxious, surrounded by male colleagues, wishing for female connection, empathy, and support. I created ToGetHer Further to make sure no other woman struggled alone again, and now I’m honoured to spend my days helping other women to be happier at work.

I wrote my first book in February 2018, Finding My Way: out of the darkness, into the light, sharing my journey from the darkness of the fear and anxiety I experienced in the corporate world, to finding the light of a more creativeentrepreneurial path for myself. I still write regularly, both for the ToGetHer Further blog, and for my own personal blog.

I also regularly contribute to podcasts, panel discussions, and speak to audiences on the topics of Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, Career Change, and Defining Success For Yourself.

If you’d like to connect, simply get in touch through the Contact page.

“Before I worked with Siobhán I was feeling trapped, unhappy and unfulfilled, with no clear view of the future.

Siobhán’s honesty, her “therapeutic” style, and ability to pick out exactly the right point to challenge me on helped me to feel so much clearer and more confident in many different ways.

Since working with Siobhán, I’ve not only created a clear plan for my professional future, but I’ve received a promotion and payrise at work, and have been headhunted for another far more senior role, at double my current salary!”

Coaching Client – Maree

“Before I started coaching with Siobhán, I was working in a job I didn’t enjoy and felt that I had more to give but I didn’t have clarity on the direction to take. I was also downhearted because I didn’t know what else I could do and felt trapped in a direction that didn’t feel like mine.

By the time I finished my first month, I had a new job, more confidence and the tools and resources to continue to work on myself!

Working with Siobhán is like going on a solo trip but with a guide in your pocket. It’s a personal journey of discovery and reflection but you don’t feel lonely or lost in the process because there’s someone guiding you in the best way for you. You can decide when you need to open that guide and at what page. I felt listened to, understood and supported.

I think this is only possible because Siobhán has a way of understanding people and being empathetic. I started my journey with lots of uncertainty, no clarity but at the end, I had a new way of seeing things and, even though the journey is not over, I now know myself better and can use the tools I was given.”

Coaching Client – Simone