Siobhán Kangataran is an author, a coach, and the founder of ToGetHer Further, where women help women to get further together.

She recently published her first book, Finding My Way, where she shares her journey from the darkness of the fear and anxiety she experienced in the corporate world, to finding the light of a more creative, entrepreneurial path for herself.

She provides coaching for women one to one at the Light Centre Monument, where she helps them to build clarity and confidence in themselves, so they can find (or create) work they truly love.

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I came to a session with Siobhán with no expectations, an open mind and the intention to simply go with the flow. Afterwards I left and headed out on to the craziness of London in rush hour and as the people streamed around me and the air was filled with noise, I made my way as if in a bubble, feeling somehow lighter of mind and of spirit.

This wasn’t my first coaching experience but I feel Siobhán possesses something special; an ability to listen to your words and really hear what is being said, as well as what isn’t being said, and reflect that back in a way that is very meaningful. She seems to have an innate understanding of why and how people struggle and her reflections, observations and practical ideas strongly resonated with me and I left feeling that I’d just spent time with an exceptional individual. She is also a lovely person!”

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I was totally new to life coaching when I first met Siobhan and wow; what an extremely positive experience I had working with her. She is supportive, kind, non-judgemental and totally wonderful. Our sessions were mostly in person which will always be my preference, however due to a couple of changes my end we did have a couple of conversations over video chat, which surprisingly enough in my opinion were just as effective! My sessions with Siobhan covered a myriad of topics that I felt needed improvement, from my career to mindset. She has instilled a can-do, no bullshit attitude in me and I always left our chats feeling motivated and inspired. Thank you Siobhan for everything, I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life. x

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