Fun First

It feels controversial to say it, almost sacrilegious even, but why not have fun first?

Not after you’ve “earned” it. Not after you’ve finished your never-ending To Do list. Not after you’ve worked so hard for so long that you’ve forgotten what fun even looks or feels like.

Why not start with fun?

Today, I have a long list of jobs and errands and general household chores to be done. But before I got swept up in that endless spiral of productivity and general busy-ness, I decided to sit down to write. To have fun.

For me, writing is fun.

It helps me to ground and realign myself. It helps me to connect with a higher form of self and a deeper sense of being. It nourishes me. It recharges me. And it makes me smile.

I’m smiling here with the mischief of getting to start every day with writing, as I’ve done for the last 10 days or so. How decadent! How indulgent! How wonderful! And why not?

It doesn’t hurt anyone else if I start my day with something that is fun for me.

It doesn’t take anything away from anyone else if I do something that pleases me.

It doesn’t even slow me down, because starting with something so pleasant and so nourishing only recharges me and fuels me for a more positive day ahead.

So, what would your day look or feel like if you decided to start with fun first?

Do you even know what would be something small and fun that you could do, with minimal time, effort or cost?

Something you could call upon or make time for, without having to rely on anyone else?

It could be anything from simply enjoying a beautiful cup of tea, or taking time to read a good book, or to cut some fresh flowers from your garden. What would feel fun for you?

Often, we lose sight of this – we forget what fun even looks or feels like, and that we can choose to make time for it every day.

So, give yourself the gift of remembering, and make time today to do something fun before you do anything else.

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