Writing To Refuel

I thought it seemed odd that when I had some time to explore “fun and play” that my default was to sit down and write.

Writing would bring me the answer.

Or, perhaps…

Writing would BE the answer.

Writing has always been a cathartic form of release to me – particularly putting pen to paper, but even typing on a keyboard provides an outlet.

Back in my stressed-out, overwhelmed and anxious days at work, if it all became too much for me I would open a new email or Word document and just start typing. Even if I didn’t know what I wanted or needed to say, I knew that typing it would help me feel better.

I recommend this to my coaching clients now – for those moments when you don’t feel like you can leave your desk, when you feel like everyone’s watching, but no one can see what you’re typing. You get to appear super-productive while actually practicing self-care.

Isn’t it sad that self-care can feel shameful? Like something we need to hide or feel guilty about?

Or, if you’re anything like me, it’s something you need to earn first…

Oh, the irony.

“First, I must empty the tank, then I can add fuel.”

Well, not anymore.

I’ve decided to make time to write every day. (Thanks to the encouragement of my good friend Susan).

Some of this writing I will share here, and maybe sometimes I will keep it to myself. But just as I make time to meditate and brush my teeth, I will now make time to express my creativity, and build this muscle, so it will be there for me when I need it, rather than trying to call on it when all my work is done.

Perhaps it’s finally time for me to commit to my beautiful friend Esther’s Sacred Page journalling course… I’m embarrassed to say I’ve resisted it so far because I felt like I was “too busy”…

Too busy to rest. Too depleted to recharge. Too stressed to calm down.

This is how we burn out.

Notice the signs.

And take care of yourself.

What one thing could you do today to “refuel”?

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