Letting Go of Being Busy

Not in the theoretical sense of accepting that I’ve done “enough”.

Or the literal sense of not using the word “busy” when people ask how I am.

I am truly letting go of being busy in a practical sense – I am making a conscious decision to do less.

To be less productive.

To be less busy.

To be free.

When people have asked me how it feels to work for myself I’ve heard myself respond:

“I would be happy if I could spend my days writing, coaching, running workshops, and speaking at events. I would love that. It’s the other business stuff I don’t enjoy.”

So why am I doing it?

Why am I making myself so busy with things I don’t enjoy? Things I am not particularly good at?

It’s because I started out doing everything for ToGetHer Further 3 years ago, so I’m still conditioned to believe I’m responsible for everything, even when it’s holding me and the business back!

I am not good at branding, or scheduling social media updates, or updating the website, or making all the pages consistent, or scheduling blog posts, or anything else that feels essential in running a professional business.

I am good at speaking, sharing my story, helping other people to feel safe sharing theirs. I am good at coaching, drawing out what is really holding people back, and helping them to take steps towards more fulfilling working lives. I love running events & workshops, seeing people try new things, hear new stories, and have powerful experiences together. And I love writing. I love the opportunity to express myself on this deeper level. To connect in a more meaningful way.

But I have been Too Busy to do the things I am good at doing, as I’m spending far too much time on everything else.

So I am letting go of being busy.

I am clearing my diary and To Do list.

I am focusing on what I am good at.

Everything else comes second.

I’ve had it upside down.

It feels scary to change.

But necessary to let go.

2 thoughts on “Letting Go of Being Busy

  1. Yesssssssss! This is such an important decision to not only come to, but to execute and share. More women – and indeed men – need to read this. We’re all so ‘busy’ doing things that take our time and energy away from our gifts and from doing what we love. Also, every single time I let my life be led by doing what I love first and foremost, everything else seems to fall into place so much more naturally. Esther xx

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    1. Ahhhh thank you so so much for sharing this journey with me, even from afar! I love how in sync our thoughts and experiences are – today’s journalling prompt was about letting go of being busy, and I smiled knowing I’d already written this 2 days ago – that’s how aligned we are! I am loving your Sacred Page course – brightening up my inbox every morning, thank you! xxx


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