How do you define someone’s Irishness? Is it by their accent, their passport, their residence, their parents, their birthplace, or is it their appearance? I recently took part in a social experiment by Una Kavanagh to capture images of those of us who are Irish, but don’t look Irish, and are regularly asked “where are you really from?”. Continue reading “Irishness”


Leaving Ireland To Gain Perspective

I was asked by an English friend nearly 6 years ago “if you got pregnant now, would you keep it?” I was 27 at the time, single, and had been in London less than 6 months, in a temporary job, and a stack of student debt after finishing my Masters the year before. And yet, I didn’t even think about options, I just tried to explain to her that growing up in Ireland, with a strong Catholic influence, that the “sanctity of life for the unborn child” is paramount.

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Unapologetic Introduction

Every time I give my name I feel apologetic that it’s so long and awkward. I’m conscious that no one can ever spell either my first name and/or my surname. “It’s Siobhan, yes it’s Irish, S-i-o-b… Yeah, the ‘bh’ is a ‘v’ in Irish… Then it’s Kangataran, yeah that’s K-a-n….” And so on. Continue reading “Unapologetic Introduction”