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Why You Need To Change Processes, Not People, In Order To Achieve Equality

People care about different things. Rightly or wrongly, people react strongly to some things that other people are not affected by. Even when, objectively, they are not comparable, there is no way of controlling what issues will push buttons for people.  Over the last year, I have been so aware of who is saying /doing… Continue reading Why You Need To Change Processes, Not People, In Order To Achieve Equality


I’m racist.

And so are you. Not consciously. Not willingly. Not intentionally. But we are. As human beings, especially those of us who are white, or white-passing, particularly those of us raised in white dominant countries, we have been raised in racist structures, with a racist view on the world, whether we like it or not. Whether… Continue reading I’m racist.


Finally Feeling Free

I was nervous reading Glennon Doyle's Untamed, knowing how powerful and life-changing her experiences have been, and fully aware that once I have seen the truth, I cannot unsee it. I was afraid that my nice, comfortable life could get turned upside down once she held a mirror up to it. But, Glennon's words didn't… Continue reading Finally Feeling Free


Dear White People

Does the term “white people” provoke a negative reaction in you? It did for me, the first time I heard of the show with the same name (see Dear White People on Netflix). It felt confrontational and uncomfortable. I almost wanted to peak over my shoulder in case anyone was offended by the term, afraid… Continue reading Dear White People