Dear White People

Does the term “white people” provoke a negative reaction in you? It did for me, the first time I heard of the show with the same name (see Dear White People on Netflix). It felt confrontational and uncomfortable. I almost wanted to peak over my shoulder in case anyone was offended by the term, afraid… Continue reading Dear White People


Challenging Racism

It's hard, calling people out, especially on issues of race. But imagine how hard it is for black people and people of colour when you stay silent? If you want to be an ally, and truly stand up for racial equality, justice and fairness, then it's important that you make your position clear. If/when people… Continue reading Challenging Racism


The Anti-Racism Journey

The more I've learned about becoming anti-racist, the more I've realised it really is a journey of education and awareness - particularly for those of us who believe we are "not racist" but are not aware of the part we play in maintaining the status quo, as demonstrated so clearly by the John T. Milliken… Continue reading The Anti-Racism Journey


Why am I doing what I am doing?

In times of high stress, humans generally revert to Fight, Flight or Freeze mode, and we're seeing this so clearly in the response to the global anti-racism movement: Fight - those of us who are passionate about the cause, keen to get involved and help make change happen (or those who are actively, aggressively against… Continue reading Why am I doing what I am doing?


I can’t breathe.

My heart is broken. That poor boy. Barely a man, and begging for his life. He should never have been put in that situation. He should never have been treated that way. He should never have had to try to negotiate for his life. It just should not have happened. (C) @mattymillerstudio #justiceforelijahmcclain That sweet… Continue reading I can’t breathe.