Mantras for Managing Racism

(otherwise known as “setting boundaries to make your anti-racism journey less painful and more sustainable!“)

Because we can’t always be as calm and collected as we would like to be, here are some useful phrases to repeat to yourself when your Anti-Racism journey gets challenging:

I am not responsible for every a$$hole on the internet.

I cannot educate every ignorant idiot out there.

I do not need to educate every ignorant idiot out there. (Phew! Check out Challenging Racism to learn more about this.)

I am only responsible for myself and the people around me.

I take care of myself and the people I care about.

I speak my truth.

I do not allow myself to be mistreated.

I do not (knowingly or willingly) expose myself to racist, hateful bile.

I educate myself and those around me.

I constantly seek to learn and unlearn as the case may be.

I understand and accept that I will get it wrong.

It’s ok to make mistakes.

It’s necessary for us to make mistakes so that we learn.

We are learning together – I am not alone in this.

And it’s true – you really are not alone. There are so many of us who care, who are passionate about fairness, equality & justice.

Keep looking, keep learning, and we’ll get there together.

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