Let’s Talk About Race

Hi, it’s me, your friendly oversharing, overachieving, try-hard at everything intense documenter/creator who is clearly passionate about all things social justice related recently! I know my feed has completely changed over the last few months, along with my perspective on the world, and I bet that has really confused/challenged some of you. 

I know that I don’t make it easy to keep up – I throw myself into things and churn through as much as I can as quickly as possible – whether it’s knitting, baking, running or racial injustice consciousness raising! 

I also know that most of us have not been raised talking about race – even in my mixed race household it wasn’t something we consciously sat down and discussed. So I can imagine that most of my (white) Irish/English/European/International connections would never have given racial issues much thought or consideration, until now. 

The problem is, racism continues to exist, whether we talk about it or not. In fact, our silence is part of the reason it won’t go away. And, on a personal level, when you don’t talk to me about race, it tells me that you don’t care about something that really affects me. 

So please, let’s talk about race, even if it feels uncomfortable at first – let’s practice it, and get better at it, and make it easier for everyone to have these conversations. Then we can all enjoy the pretty posts on our feed, and not have to waste so much time & energy fighting something that shouldn’t still be a problem in 2020.

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