I can’t breathe.

My heart is broken.

That poor boy.

Barely a man, and begging for his life.

He should never have been put in that situation. He should never have been treated that way. He should never have had to try to negotiate for his life. It just should not have happened.

(C) @mattymillerstudio #justiceforelijahmcclain

That sweet boy.

That delicate soul.

Is this story tragic enough?

For those who called George Floyd a criminal, or claim that those who resist arrest deserve brutality, will this story change their minds?

How many names? How many tragedies? How much pain and suffering must we endure?

How many lives are we willing to sacrifice in order to maintain the status quo?

People are dying for being different.

And people are staying silent.

Do something.

Do anything.

Sign the petition to Bring Justice for Elijah – to take those officers off duty and ensure an independent investigation is undertaken.

Donate to Elijah’s family’s GoFundMe if you can spare the funds.

Email or call the Aurora officials to highlight his case

Find out what you can do in the UK to make change happen here: We Create Change

Don’t look away. Don’t do nothing. Do something. Anything.

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