The Blank Puzzle

We are raised to fully understand what we are doing before we do it. We know that when we pick up a jigsaw puzzle, we can tell what the finished product will be by looking at the picture on the box. We know how many pieces it will have, and we know how difficult it will be. We even have an idea of how long it might take us. And then we are encouraged to do it better and faster.

We do this at school, with the classes we take, and at University, with the courses we choose, and even at work, with the career paths we follow.

But what about when you want to do something different?

What if you find it boring to keep doing the same puzzles?

What if you want a new challenge?

For those of us who have left the corporate world, and embraced a new way of working, it can difficult to leave our old conditioning behind. We still want to know exactly how the puzzle will look when it’s finished.

But the truth is that when you embrace change, you invite uncertainty into your life. And you can’t then ask it to leave. You’re only fooling yourself if you try.

I am making space for a blank puzzle in my life.

I am letting go of the quest for false certainty and allowing my creativity to flourish.

I don’t know how many pieces my new puzzle has, or how long it will take me, or what it will look like when it’s done. All I know is that I am opening the box, and allowing others to help me solve it.

Let’s build the puzzle together, and see where it takes us.


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