Going Backwards To Go Forwards

On a rational level, we know that progress isn’t linear.

We would love to start something new and simply keep improving consistently over time.

But we’re human, not robots, and nothing is ever as simple as going from A to B. There are a myriad of micro-steps, decisions and potential pitfalls in between.

It can be easy then, on one of the many dips along the way, to let that frustration overwhelm and feel like you’re going backwards, further away from your goal rather than towards it.

© Liz and Mollie

But before those moments of doubt have a chance to set in, it can help to remember that going “backwards” is part of the process. That becoming comfortable where you are now is an improvement on where you were, and that revisiting past experiences gives you a chance to see them from a new perspective, rather than simply repeating past mistakes.

You’re not actually going in circles, rather, with every conscious step you take, you’re circling closer and closer to wherever you want or need to be.

Illustration of a straight line from start to finish compared to a spiral going inwards from start to finish, which depicts the reality of making progress happen.
© Just Peachy Comic

Then you have the opportunity to take ownership of your life rather than feel like a victim to circumstances happening to you.

You get to choose what you take with you and what you leave behind.

You get to decide what is worth holding on to and what you need to let go of.

And, eventually, you’ll get to look back and see how far you’ve come.

But, to start with, all you need is a general sense of where you want to be.

For more insightful illustrations, go to https://www.lizandmollie.com/

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