Is That It?

As we return to some form of “normal”, I feel exhausted and disappointed.

If any positives were to come from the chaos of the last 6 months, surely it is that we have the choice to build a “new normal”?

That we don’t have to go back to commuting 5 days a week, losing hours from our lives, because we’ve proven that many of us can actually work from home.

That we don’t have to go back to a world built on unfair and unequal terms, where white people benefit from the inequality and injustice that black people have suffered throughout history.

So the social media posts die down… and the children return to school… and the government continues to spew out confusing messages…

While the protests ease off, and the sports strikes are forgotten, and the symbols become just that – symbolic – rather than demonstrative of effective change.

We had a choice – we have a choice – but it feels like so many of us have already moved on.

I’m exhausted, and disappointed, and I’ve only had my eyes open for less than 5 months. I cannot imagine how fatigued the black community must be.


Even when the world goes back to “normal”.

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