“Before I started coaching with Siobhán, I was working in a job I didn’t enjoy and felt that I had more to give but I didn’t have clarity on the direction to take. I was also downhearted because I didn’t know what else I could do and felt trapped in a direction that didn’t feel like mine.

By the time I finished my first month, I had a new job, more confidence and the tools and resources to continue to work on myself!

Working with Siobhán is like going on a solo trip but with a guide in your pocket. It’s a personal journey of discovery and reflection but you don’t feel lonely or lost in the process because there’s someone guiding you in the best way for you. You can decide when you need to open that guide and at what page. I felt listened to, understood and supported.

I think this is only possible because Siobhán has a way of understanding people and being empathetic. I started my journey with lots of uncertainty, no clarity but at the end, I had a new way of seeing things and, even though the journey is not over, I now know myself better and can use the tools I was given.”

Coaching Client – Simone