“Meeting Siobhán was a wonderful experience. Her presence and energy made me feel safe and very much at ease. Everything she explained at the start of our session was clear and made sense. I felt like Siobhán was giving me a real opportunity to be heard in my own way. It was extremely refreshing.

I came to Siobhán mainly with uncertainty around my next career move and left with clarity and affirmation about what really mattered to me. Instead of looking to fit into a box (job role) because it’s expected of me, I felt I had received permission to accept that creating my own role was okay and in fact it was the best way for me to be true to my greatest desire and value; freedom! This was an affirmation for me.

I loved how Siobhán explored what that freedom (creation of my own role) would look like. It was insightful to hear how animated I was in describing this. I felt like Siobhán was helping me connect to my authentic self which I tend to neglect in order to fit into a ‘box’ of expectations in my career. Siobhán was also amazing at reflecting my thoughts and picking out key themes, which led to important realisations. I felt like she’d opened a tap because important insights seemed to flow easily.

Siobhán helped me connect with my emotions and encouraged me to allow them to be free. I was extremely surprised when my frustrations around my desire for freedom turned into tears and writing even now it makes me emotional, because I had forgotten how important it is to me and how much I compromise due to obligations and expectations, or even fears.

My biggest takeaway from my session with Siobhán today was, I am more than I could ever imagine with unlimited potential to impact lives on my terms, and I deserve to explore what that looks like, set my intent and take action without getting hung up about the how. I also learnt that I need to fully trust in all that I have within me already and not be concerned about being an ‘expert’… just be me because I am more than enough; exceptionally and wonderfully so.

Siobhán has a gift and the way I felt and still feel after our session highlights that. I came away with more than I expected in just over an hour. I felt I witnessed and experienced what happens when you encounter someone operating in their truth and calling. I didn’t tell Siobhán, but secretly I didn’t want our session to end! Especially when she also gave me some great book recommendations that complimented the outcomes of our session.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Siobhán to anyone because the value of what you come away with after your session will surpass your expectations, she sure surpassed mine!”

Client 5

I came to a session with Siobhán with no expectations, an open mind and the intention to simply go with the flow. Afterwards I left and headed out on to the craziness of London in rush hour and as the people streamed around me and the air was filled with noise, I made my way as if in a bubble, feeling somehow lighter of mind and of spirit.

This wasn’t my first coaching experience but I feel Siobhán possesses something special; an ability to listen to your words and really hear what is being said, as well as what isn’t being said, and reflect that back in a way that is very meaningful. She seems to have an innate understanding of why and how people struggle and her reflections, observations and practical ideas strongly resonated with me and I left feeling that I’d just spent time with an exceptional individual. She is also a lovely person!”

Client 4

Have you ever been in a coaching session and feel like they have lifted dead weight from your shoulders or removed a pair of dark sunglasses you didn’t realise you were wearing? Well that is what a coaching session with Siobhán is like. About ten minutes from the end of our time together I (in all honesty!!) threw my hands in the air in celebration and said “oh wow I feel amazing”. I could feel the space in my chest open up as I could once again breathe!

I came to see Siobhán having spent the past few weeks living in a haze of stress and confusion, feeling like I had exhausted all my options! My anxiety in my work life was seeping into my personal life, affecting my relationships and wellbeing. Within minutes she had calmed me down and helped me to recognise that there wasn’t simply path A or path B. I left with the belief that I could achieve what I wanted to. What’s more, is that close friends and family have been commenting on my renewed motivation and positive attitude ever since.

Siobhán is a compassionate and highly intuitive person, giving you both space and time for contemplation as well as powerful guidance and advice. I could not recommend her more highly and have already suggested her to a few people I know. I can’t thank her enough.”

Client 3

“Working with Siobhán over the course of a few months, I have been able to work through a lot of inner thoughts and fears that have kept me from challenging myself or doing what I thought was expected of me. I have been able to make peace with myself about my previous work/life balance and have been putting less pressure on myself to have everything figured out straight away.

I really enjoy the sessions and how we can discuss different topics and how Siobhán is able to refer to a school of thought or an author or webinar which can help to explain that these feelings are typical and why they might manifest themselves. Also, Siobhán asks the questions which I may not tackle head on by myself but which in a conversation seem easier to focus on.

I would definitely recommend Siobhán to a friend as I find the whole coaching process very valuable for my own development but also to enable me to help my friends and acquaintances when they want to talk or need direction and perhaps have not thought how getting coaching themselves may be a benefit.

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to embark on Siobhán’s coaching career with her and feel very thankful that I have been able to benefit from her research and experience. Her coaching style is very open, honest and caring and I really value the positive impact it has had on me.”

Client 2

I was totally new to life coaching when I first met Siobhan and wow; what an extremely positive experience I had working with her. She is supportive, kind, non-judgemental and totally wonderful. Our sessions were mostly in person which will always be my preference, however due to a couple of changes my end we did have a couple of conversations over video chat, which surprisingly enough in my opinion were just as effective! My sessions with Siobhan covered a myriad of topics that I felt needed improvement, from my career to mindset. She has instilled a can-do, no bullshit attitude in me and I always left our chats feeling motivated and inspired. Thank you Siobhan for everything, I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life. x

Client 1